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 Bavaria carrusel


Bavaria R55


Revolutionary masterpiece.

We wanted the BAVARIA R55 to set a benchmark and be something incomparable. A yacht so good that it’srespectful of its heritage, contemporary with the present, ready for the future. The result: a pioneering,dynamic hull design without equal.

Then there is the intentionally low‐profile flybridge and deck lines ‐making the boat much sleeker and more elegant. All in all, the BAVARIA R55 turns heads and performsastonishingly. A true revolution, in other words. Are you ready?





Only the very best stood a chance.

When we conceived the BAVARIA R55, we had one premise: we wanted people to feel at home on board this yacht. The same comfort, the same feeling of wellbeing. Carefully selected colours and top‐grade materials produce exactly that effect.

It was important to us to create spaces that are open and inviting but still provide enough privacy. We have created a wonderful space for socialising: the brightly illuminated saloon. It is, in a sense, a panoramic living room on the water. Welcome home. Welcome to the BAVARIA R55.


Sporty on the outside, huge on the inside.

Designing a modern yacht always confronts designers with the same challenge: striking the ideal balance betweena sporty exterior and a comfortable interior. In the case of the BAVARIA R55, our team managed to give it a slimand highly dynamic exterior design while creating an extraordinary amount of space inside. It is unique in this classand an absolute benchmark in terms of design, elegance and performance.





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Bavaria R55   - Fotos

Port Ginesta - Local 324 - 08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona)
Llámenos: +34 936 65 22 11 
Mov: +34 610 755 797

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